Learning Experiences

Learning Experiences

Click here to download the Inpatient Learning Experience Descriptions.

Required Learning Experiences* Length of Experience
Internal Medicine I/Family Medicine 4 weeks
Internal Medicine II 4 weeks
Critical Care
– Neurotrauma ICU
– Med-Surg ICU
4 weeks
Infectious Disease 4 weeks
Management 4 weeks

*Any of the above rotations could also be considered as 4 week electives if repeated beyond required learning experiences

Selective-Elective Learning Experiences (Select any 2 of 3) Length of Experience
Cardiology 4 weeks
Transitions of Care 4 weeks
Pediatrics 4 weeks
Elective Learning Experiences (Select any 3) Length of Experience
Emergency Medicine 4 weeks
Oncology (select location below)
– Inpatient experience
– Outpatient experience
4 weeks
Ambulatory Care (select specialty clinic below)
– Medication Assistance Program (MAP)
– Anticoagulation
– Heart Failure
4 weeks
Drug Information 4 weeks
Pharmacogenomics 2-4 weeks
Medication Safety 2-4 weeks
Metabolic Support 4 weeks
Psychiatry 4 weeks
Clinical Training Center (CTC) 4 weeks
Residency Longitudinal Requirements Length of Experience
Project Year long
Manuscript (publication-worthy) Due by end of residency year
Staffing One evening per week and every 3rd weekend
External Factors in Health Care One afternoon/month
ACLS Emergencies 1 day of training & participate in Code Blue throughout year
Southeastern Residency Conference (SERC) presentation One per year (spring)
Drug Information projects
– Drug protocal review (1)
– Journal Club presentations (2)
Year long
Clinical Meeting presentations 2-3 over the year
Care Process Model (CPM) attendance Varies on committee
Teaching Learning Curriculum Year long

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