Mission Patient Safety Institute Conferences

Patient Safety Week is March 11-17, 2018

Conference Objectives:

After completion of this conference, participants are now able to:

  • Identify strategies for combating bias in caring for patients with drug abuse history or a behavioral health diagnosis.
  • Plan actions for addressing barriers to resolving ethical dilemmas in the workplace
  • Create enhanced awareness of patient safety concerns and initiatives in your work team.
  • Provide effective care for patients with drug dependence.
  • Practice clear observation of and communication with patients.

The Annual Patient safety Conference addresses healthcare “hot topics” and provides front line/bedside caregivers with practical tools to improve safety and quality of care and to foster renewed joy in their work.

Need more information about the Patient Safety Institute? Call Dana Raines at (828)213-4822 or Dana.Raines@msj.org.